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Using Rich Media for Advertising

Date : Mar 29, 2016 Category : Main
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From ads that dance or sing to MTV-like commercials, online advertisers are currently using a brand-new sort of modern technology called “rich media” to attract customers.

The United States internet marketing earnings will have reached upwards of $12 billion last year, up $3 billion from the previous year. Of this, marketers spent about $1 billion on abundant media, up from $800 million, based on the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

01_Rich_MediaSo exactly what is rich media? Necessarily, it is an on-line advertising technique that combines graphics with audio innovations, giving Web customers an interactive experience.

With over half of American houses linked online and utilizing high-speed connections like broadband as well as DSL, it implies a potentially rewarding way for internet advertisers to obtain customers’ attention.

One company taking on the internet advertising and marketing to a different level is Centale Inc. (OTCBB: CNTL), based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The online marketing and innovation company offers cutting-edge modern technology solutions to its clients.

Centale’s premier application, the Catalyst EV, is a software system that allows firms to connect straight to the desktop of their target market in rich media style.

The software program additionally functions independent of email. To date, research studies have revealed that e-mail projects might be decreasing in effectiveness since as the quantity of e-mail increases, the chance of success of the solicitation or promotion oftens decrease.

One reason that advertisers are accepting rich media is that it generally entertains and is compelling sufficient to capture the interest of consumers. It additionally enables a user a degree of control by either stopping the advertisement completely, or participating in it ands well as clicking through to a marketer’s Website to obtain more details.

While rich media may not captivate marketing to online customers, the majority of users are locating it less invasive compared to standard pop-up, banner and text-based ads. Centale claims there is a favorable market for its item, as the industry moves away from typical advertising such as print as well as radio in favor of online advertising.

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