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The All Powerful Internet

Date : Oct 18, 2016 Category : Main
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fd3ba9f727da68244fa2dedb48b2ab46Ahhhh, the great and powerful internet. We have the world right at the tips of our fingers . Where you can purchase just about anything you want, and not just in the USA but other countries also. The internet is a global system, meaning computers hooked to other computers. It’s just a network of interlocking computers. It’s connected to millions of private servers, academics, government and business. Its linked by an army of several different electronics.

In the web we can go any where we want learn anything we want and never leave home….Its incredibly awesome. It originated back in the 60’s, but only for the government back then. By the times the 80’s rolled around, we all experienced cyberspace. The Internet started growing rapidly around the 90’s and now it has reshaped the world in how we pay out bills, talk and meet new friends from virtually everywhere. We can even work from home on the internet! From networks interlocking with other networks its a grid that lets us all connect to everything. I guess the best part about this is that no one owns the internet, but don’t be fooled, the internet is closely monitored. Yes even from home, you are monitored. Not to mention hackers that can get into your personal business. So if you put your business out there and hackers find it you could lose everything. That is where internet security companies come in. To protect you from those meant to steal from you. Problem is, no one can protect you from everything but it can stop about 90 percent of it. So be careful when file sharing. Data can be stolen from anywhere. The internet is used for everything, and education plays a huge part in this from K- 12 and then college, we use the internet. It saves a lot of paper, but the cost of the electronic notebooks can be costly when buying for a school.

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