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A Look at DSL

Date : Oct 29, 2016 Category : Main
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Dsl is Digital Subscriber Link and it works through your phone line with a modem, through a local area internet network. The closer you are in the network the more speed you will have. The best part of it is you can use the phone while on the computer…certainly not like AOL. When you subscribe to a DSL network they provide filters for the phones and a modem. The sad thing is modems go outright, often, but if you call that office they will bring you another one. The telephone wires consist only by a couple of copper wires, but they can handle much more frequency and a much greater bandwidth. This entire plan was to the base matching on particular frequencies.
dsl20setup-100337253-origTelephones work on such a small portion of bandwidth. Just a couple of wires in everyone’s home. But today it can carry analog frequencies as well. That’s how the dsl was born. DSL  distance is very  sensitive.
The further you are away the slower the speed. I know why mine is so slow and the weather doesn’t help. Old telephones worked on a cap system. But dividing them they can carry much more than just voice, and it also depends on the phone port. It has to be one that doesn’t carry much traffic, to get a lot more signal. DSL works by having a modem in your home, and one for the server. This is called the transerver. This is point where all your data comes from.
There are many variations of DSL.VDSL is very fast and capable of handling internet and HDTV. SDSL is used by small businesses, and the speed remains the same, but its not recommend to use the phone at the same time. There are other  ways to use the internet, but like I said before, it really depends on the distance.

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